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Gallery Videos – This Gallery created for those who realy appreciate the beauty and taste. You can display your videos in high quality and best design.



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    F A Q

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User Manual

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  D E M O

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1). There are some restrictions for adding videos?

  • There is no limit for the amount of videos.

  • You can add as many videos as you want. Plugin has no limitations.

2). When I update plugin free version of the commercial version, I lose all the things that I have made up in the free version of the Gallery Videos?

  • Of course No. Total-Soft team was thought about this problem.

  • Before that , what was created in the free version will remain unless you delete and replace the commercial version.

3). Do you have some problems with plugin instalation?

  • You can contact with our [Support team](, They will help you to quickly install a gallery plugin.

  • We are always ready to help everyone.

4). Can I add URL for each video with linking?

  • Yes. Every video has that opportunity . You will see that in the “New Gallery” section.

  • Also you may choose to open the new page or not.

5). How to get an updated version?

  • Pro users can get updated version of the plugin contacting with us at the following [Email]( As long as it’s given for plugin Pro versions.

  • Free version users can find the update notification on their WordPress Admin panel.

6). Pay for the Pro version, and until now have not recieved the link or file updating. Please help. What to do?

  • If you make a purchase and haven’t received file, or you just got and it have some problem, contact us on our Email address Please send us the order number which you received after purchasing the Gallery Videos. We will check it and send you directly.

7). You bought the Pro version, installed it in WordPress but You still see the free version. What to do?

  • This can occur from browser caches.

  • Click ctrl+f5 (Chrome, FF, for completely refreshing) If you are using Safar or another browser please clean the storage.

8). I can’t figure out how to add video to my site. Can you help me?

  • Gallery requires some basic understanding of HTML, CSS and jQuery. If you need help with adding video to your site please post a question at the forum or send us email.

9). How to add YouTube video in Gallery.?

  • Enter the name of the Gallery.

  • Enter the URL of the video.

  • Enter to youtube and choose the video. Copy the URL of that video and then paste it to the LINK window and your Youtube Video is ready. In General Gallery the videos will be shown by pictures. Which will be created automatically taken from Youtube Video. Clicking on the picture will open the Lightbox, by that you can see the videos. If you want to see pictures instead of video please contact us.

10). May I add my own video in WordPress Gallery?

  • No. Video Gallery is only accepts Youtube videos. You need to copy the link and paste it in the corresponding place.

11). Why I can not add my video?

  • The problem is that your video is not suitable for use, or must be from Youtube, and most importantly the must be public video and not privat.

12). How many Gallery may I create for WordPress website?

  • You may create unlimited Galleries by this plugin and by many options.

13). How to include the Gallery Post or Page?

  • Every Gallery has his own ID number. Simply you must copy it and paste to that place, where you want to see your video.