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This Gallery Porfolio plugin created for persons who like to show their photos in high quality with the best design.

    F A Q

  D E M O

Installing the WordPress Portfolio Gallery plugin

After downloading the ZIP file of the Portfolio Gallery plugin

  • Log in to the administrator panel.
  • Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  • Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file of the Portfolio Gallery.
  • Click Install Now button
  • Then click Activate Plugin button.
  • You can see the Portfolio Gallery. plugin installed on WordPress left menu.

For Mac Users

  • Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the Portfolio Gallery.
  • Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  • Click “Install Now” button.
  • Click “Activate Plugin” button for activating the Portfolio Gallery.
  • If the installation does not succeed, please click here to contact us.

If you already use the free version, then you just need to uninstall the free version and then install the Pro version.

Now you can set your Portfolio Gallery options, images and use our Gallery.

Portfolio Gallery Demonstration – Step by step guide

There are no difficult instructions for using this portfolio gallery plugin because this plugin designed to make all easy. After reading demonstration of our plugin we believe that you will understand how to use plugin and you will use it easily.

  • Portfolio Title – Write your Portfolio’s Gallery name. Every time for create new one , must complete this line.
  • Portfolio Option – Select the option that you previously created in General Option section.
  • Albums Count – Select for Gallery several Portfolio options will be.
  • Image Title – Name your image , which also will be heading.
  • Album Title – Write a title of the album.It is also designed for Menu.
  • Select Album – Select that album in which you want to be your entitled own picture and description.
  • Add Image – Use WordPress Image downloader. Add images through URL , from Media Library section or download from your PC.

Image Description – Write some information about Gallery content.
Link – It is intended for reference. Tick for opening the link in the new page or in the same page.


  • Gallery Container Height – Set the size of the main Portfolio Gallery, where placed your all photos.
  • Background Image – Select the background image for the gallery, also your portfolio can be without a background image.


  • Image Width – It allows you to specify the preferred width of the image and it is all responsive in portfolio.
  • Image Height – It allows you to specify the preferred height of the image and it is all responsive in portfolio.
  • Image border width – Determine the borders of individual images.
  • Image border style – Choose the frame style for image.
  • Color – Select the border color.
  • Border radius – Determine the border radius of the image.


  • Navigation size – Determine the size of navigation in the gallery of the portfolio.
  • Radius – Install the radius borders for navigation.
  • Color – Select the color for the general navigation.
  • Navigation current color – Select the color for current navigation at the main gallery.
  • Navigation Hover color – Choose a moving navigation color.


  • Choose Icon – You can choose the right and left icons, which will change the photos in gallery.
  • Color – Choose the icon color, which are designed to change the images.
  • Size – Select that size, which would be more relevant for portfolio. It is responsive too.

Elastic Grid Portfolio General Option

General Option

* Setting Title – Write your Portfolio’s name.
* Portfolio Type – Select the one from this five options (Total Soft Portfolio, Elastic Grid, Filterable Grid, Portfolio/Content Popup and Portfolio Slider).
* Text to show all – Write name that will be appear in the line of menu bar. Here will be included all albums.
* Gallery Filter Effect – Select the Effect , which should be applied by images to changing albums or by clicking on the images to see the description.
* Hover Delay – The next step is to create a delay function when you hold the mouse on the picture.
* Expanding Speed – Select the speed when clicking on the picture will open the lightbox.
* Show Menu – Select the menu should appear or not by yes or no via buttons.
* Hover Effect – Select there is a need to Hover Effect or not.
* Hover Inverse – Mark gallery hover effect appear on the reverse side or not.
* Expanding Height – Determine the height of Lightbox.

Navigation Menu Option

* Main background Color – Identify gallery portfolio’s main menu background color.
* Current background color – Select the menu background color for gallery navigation, which all the categories displayed in the main menu.
* Current color – Select the menu text color for gallery.
* Navigation Background Color – Determine the background color for navigation menu.
* Color – Choose the menu font color. When Portfolio separated with options.
* Font size – Determine your preferred font size for menu.
* Font family – For the menu text choose the font family.
* Hover background color – Set the background color for hover.
* Hover color – Select the menu font color when the portfolio is separated by categories.

Line after menu

* Width – Show dividing line. Select the width which divides the menu title.
* Style – Select dividing line style between the menu and the title.
* Color – Select dividing line color between the menu and the title.

Image Option

* Image width – It allows you to specify the preferred width of the image for gallery.
* Image Height – It allows you to specify your preferred height of the image.
* Image border radius – Determine the radius border for image.
* Image box Shadow color – Determine the box shadow color for image.
* Hover background color – Specify preferred hover background color for the image in the gallery.
* Title color – Set the name of the color image for the portfolio gallery.
* Title font size – Define the font size for the title.
* Title font family – Define the font family for the title.

Line after Title

* Width – Select the width for line after title.
* Style – Select the style for line after title.
* Color – Select the color for line after title.

Popup options

* Background color – Open the **Portfolio’s Gallery** edit and choose your preferable color for popup.
* Title font size – Clicking on the image opens a popup, choose your preferable font size for popup.
* Title color – Clicking on the image opens a popup, select your preferable title color for popup.
* Title font family – Select your preferable font family for popup title, Portfolio Gallery has a font base.
* Description color – Choose a description color, colors are varied it will give a really charm to your Portfolio.
* Description Font Size – Select the preferable font size for popup description.
* Description Font Family – Select the preferable font family for popup description. Portfolio Gallery has a font base.

Link in popup

* Background color – Determine the background color, which is designed for Link button.
* Color – Select the color of the button, which you will see in Popup, under the description.
* Lightbox Link font size – Select the font size for **Gallery Popup**.
* Lightbox Link font family – Select that font family, which will make your portfolio more beautiful.
* Lightbox Link Border width – Determine the link border width.
* Lightbox Link Border style – Determine the link border style.
* Lightbox Border color – Determine the link border color, which is in the portfolio lightbox.
* Lightbox Link Border Radius – Install the border radius for Gallery link.
* Hover background color – Select hover background color for link in the gallery.
* Hover color – Select hover color for link in the gallery.

Line before Thumbnails

* Width – Select the width of the line in Lightbox, between the title and pictures.
* Style – Select a line style in Lightbox, between the title and pictures.
* Color – Select the line color.